Was Kris Jenner Behind The Kim Kardashian Sex Tape?

Kris Jenner takes a lot of heat for “pimping” her kids out, and using her family for fame and fortune, but this new accusation could be the one that brings a hefty lawsuit.

Kim Kardashian’s ex husband, Kris Humphries, has taken aim ad mama K  and the family once again, claiming that Kris Jenner was the mastermind behind Kim’s sex tape that essentially launched the family into fame.

According to a new report from TMZ, A series of text messages that Humphries sent to now former girlfriend Myla Sinanaj reportedly say that not only was it Kris Jenner’s idea for her daughter and Ray J to shoot the sex tape, but also that she ordered them to re-shoot it after the first cut wasn’t good enough.

Sinanaj has been subpoenaed in the couple’s divorce case, and she reportedly has other texts saved in which Humphries calls her the “love of his life” and tells her that he can’t wait to get the divorce over with.

Khloe Kardashian is the first to speak out about the new accusations, telling TMZ in response to the story,  “That is just disgusting and disturbing, and probably HIS fantasy!”



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