Lindsay Lohan Acting Like A “Delusional Diva” On Set Of ‘Liz & Dick’ Says Source

Just when you thought aside from one little spell of exhaustion and dehydration, that all was well on the set of Lindsay Lohan’s new Lifetime movie ‘Liz & Dick,’ the actress isn’t creating many new friends and fans among her peers.

According to a new report, the cast and crew of ‘Liz&Dick’  are getting sick of Lindsay Lohan‘s diva demands and poor acting skills.

A story written for The Daily reveals a rebelling crew getting sick of Lohan and her attitude, calling it “delusional.”

One insider has claimed  that Lohan shows up hours late to work and rarely knows her lines. She also reportedly demanded a huge A-list star for her comeback, suggesting names like Gerard Butler, Robert Downey Jr., or Brad Pitt to star beside her – never mind the fact that this film is being made for a cable television network.

The source claims, “This is a made-for-TV movie. There’s no budget for a big star,” adding that Lindsay has been taking out her anger on her hired co-star, Grant Bowler. “[She has] been so mean to Grant that her comeback is in jeopardy.”

As for how everything is going on set? The source adds, “The footage so far has been just awful.”

What does this mean for Lindsay’s comeback?  We’ll have to wait and see on November 3rd when the film airs on Lifetime.



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