DirecTV To Drop Major Networks Tonight!

Bad news for DirecTV customers who just want their MTV!

Viacom, the company that houses MTV, Vh1, Comedy Central, BET, and Nickelodeon, are set to be yanked from DirecTV tonight, after demanding a 30% fee increase from the satellite TV provider, which according to DirecTV would cost more than 1 billion dollars to their customer’s bills.

Since no agreement seems like it will be reached within the day, the networks will be pulled from the channel lineup around midnight TONIGHT!

DirecTV said in a statement:

“Unfortunately, Viacom sent a letter to our executives forcing us to take the channels away in order to gain leverage against us in negotiations, but we hope they wouldn’t do that to their DirecTV viewers.”

Viacom simultaneously lent their side of the story:

“DirecTV has rejected all of our proposals to renew our agreement.”

Who is to blame here?  That’s up to you, the consumer.


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