Robert Pattinson Dreading ‘Breaking Dawn’ Promo Tour

Things stand to be a bit awkward on the ‘Breaking Dawn’ press tour ever since the Kristen Stewart cheating scandal broke last week, with Robert Pattinson reportedly dreading the joint appearances.

According to a source, Rob and Kristen are required to make joint appearances to promote the film per their contracts, including attending the movie’s premiere together.   Considering he has skipped town when the cheating news broke, and the two have reportedly not communicated since the scandal broke.

A source close to Pattinson has revealed;

“Rob is in pieces, but the Twilight love triangle storyline is nothing without him and Kristen. It is eating him up that he has no choice but to see her again because of work. His humiliation is total.”

How will the pair be able to appear at the same press junkets without facing awkward questions?

A source with close ties to Summit Entertainment said:

“There’s ­serious concern about the ­promotional tour, which is set to kick off in October. This is a potential nightmare for all involved. Fans look forward to seeing them together during interviews. It’s great publicity for the film. Robert even used to be happy to go to events with Kristen that he wasn’t contractually obligated to go to, like the Teen Choice Awards last Sunday.”

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