Masked YouTuber Claims To Have Stolen Will.I.Am’s Car

Will. i. am is currently living life like ‘Dude Where’s My Car,’ after his custom ride turned up missing earlier this week.

The Black Eyed Peas took to his twitter to report of the theft, but has the guy who took it actually (and creepily) come forward?

Will.I.Am wrote; “My car was stolen…what the f**k,” he wrote. “Where is my f**king car…??? This isn’t funny anymore.”

The singer has since tweeted a link to a YouTube video of a masked man with a voice manipulator mocking the singer and revealing that he has taken the car himself.

The masked man recites in the video; “will.i.ain’t,, heard you’re looking for your car.
“Did you look closer? Did you look far? Did you look in your cupboard? Did you look in a jar? will.i’m.not,, ha, ha, ha, I stole your car.”

This sounds like a job for a real life super hero!

Will has insisted that he will not file a report with the police, because he doesn’t want to spend tax payers money if in fact he is getting pranked.   He is instead insisting on his Twitter following to get the word out and return the car to him.

Check out the video below.


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