Chris Brown And Drake Sued $15 Million Over Nightclub Brawl

Singers Chris Brown and Drake are facing a $15 million dollaw lawsuit by the owners of WiP nightclub in New York City over the brawl the two allegedly started back in June.

After the two stars exchanged words over former fling Rihanna, their entourages became embattled into a full scale brawl in which bottles were smashed, and furniture was thrown leaving the club destroyed.

The parent company of the club, Entertainment Enterprises Ltd. has placed the blame on the two stars, and filed the suit in which they claim that both Brown and Drake “shared a grudge” against one another causing them to “fight violently with each other,” according to an article in the New York Post.

Several patrons of the club were injured during the fight, including NBA star Tony Parker, who was forced to get eye surgery after being struck with flying glass, almost causing him to miss the Olympics where he played for his native France.

Parker is also suing the club over the eye injury.


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