Jerry Springer Weighs In On Prince Harry Nude Photo Scandal

Jerry Springer has seen it all, so he’s a bit shocked people are making such a big deal about the Prince Harry nude photo scandal.

Springer spoke with People Magazine on Thursday and said,¬†“Honestly, what did he do? He was in his own room. I don’t know what the scandal is. He wasn’t with anyone he shouldn’t have been with. There wasn’t any sexual activity that was inappropriate.”

Prince Harry was photographed naked in his VIP suite in Las Vegas last weekend, and the photos have leaked to the media.

Though Springer does consider Harry’s naked romp “silly, childish and perhaps not the image of the royal family,” the talk show host has defended the prince by telling the magazine,

“I think the real story is who took those pictures and then sold them? What kind of person is that? [Harry] wasn’t doing anything wrong. It’s the showing of the pictures the thing that becomes inappropriate.”
As for the repercussions for the incident, Jerry thinks it will all blow over.

“I don’t think they’re going to throw him out of the family. ¬†This is the tiniest of blips. Do you think there’s anybody going, ‘Boy, I’ll never visit England again?’ It’s the great nonissue. It’s funny, because we’re titillated about the posterior of a prince.”


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