Lindsay Lohan Won’t Be Charged In Jewelry Theft

Remember that pesky jewelry theft case from a few weekends back where Lindsay Lohan wasn’t a suspect, but the two men she brought to the party were?

Well things have gotten a bit fishy!   Last week, Lohan was named among suspects of a theft from a private residence in Hollywood, however, they were laking any evidence to bring a charge against the actress.

The DA’s office revealed this week that Lindsay wasn’t identified as a suspect by the host o f the party, and that their potential eyewitnesses who claimed they could identify suspects later refused to come forward. ¬†That all according to a report on TMZ.

Officials at the District Attorney have decided to drop the case all together now due to insufficient evidence.

Lohan herself posted a link on Twitter to the TMZ story with the headline “Lindsay Lohan Will NOT Be Prosecuted For Jewelry Heist.”



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  1. August 30, 2012 at 2:43 am #

    I think that lindsay is so Innocent and does not involve in any case.

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