Simon Cowell Accuses ‘The Voice’ Of Using Dirty Tricks

Simon Cowell has called out producers behind ‘The Voice’ for being “cold hearted” for scheduling an additional episode of the TV singing competition next week to go head to head against the premiere episode of ‘The X Factor.’

Cowell fears that Britney Spears will be “devastated” after the two shows air head to head and she sees the numbers up against that of her pop rival Christina Aguilera.

‘The Voice’ was originally set to air Monday and Tuesday night, before adding a third Wednesday show that will be directly up against ‘The X Factor,’ which is debuting Britney Spears and Demi Lovato as new judges.

Cowell spoke with TMZ where he admitted that he thought there was a “gentleman’s agreement’ in place over the scheduling of the programs.

He explains;  “This is a cynical, cold-hearted, unprofessional way of doing business. Britney’s not going to appreciate the fact that Christina – who has been a bit of a rival – isn’t allowing Britney to have a night of her own…”
“These guys have really got it in for us. It’s nothing short of dirty tricks. The reason they’ve done this is they don’t want people to see X Factor because they’ve heard how good the series is. They don’t want their audience to see Britney Spears. They don’t want their audience to see Demi Lovato.

“(Spears is) going to be devastated because she’s put her heart and soul into this.”

Hard-core Britney fans will surely tune in for her X Factor debut, and fans of ‘The Voice’ may be forced to record ‘The X-factor’ to check out later, but for some fans without that possibility it’s going to be one or the other, and ‘The Voice’ will have a two day head start.

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