Mariah Carey’s Biggest ‘Idol’ Feud, With Ryan Seacrest?

A feud between new judges Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj on ‘American Idol’ almost seems destined to happen, with their mega-diva attitudes and different styling.

But beef with Ryan Seacrest?

According to a new source close to the show, Mariah Carey thinks that Seacrest is not appealing to the younger audience, and needs a makeover.

The source revealed;

“Mariah mentioned some kind of bizarre ideas for re-styling Ryan, in terms of making him appeal to a younger audience. She said she feels that sometimes he appears far too serious and that he needs to lighten up a bit. She has a very definite sense of style and loves to leave her stamp — this likely won’t be the first or last we will hear on the subject!”

However, don’t think that the show’s producers would even touch this subject with a 10-foot pole.  Seacrest is one of the show’s last remaining original pieces, and they feel that he isn’t the reason the show’s ratings have declined over the past few years.   Actually, Seacrest still manages to be the best host on any of the singing competition shows, even if the other shows have upped the ante on the judges panel.

The source adds,

“No one would even dare to bring up the subject with Ryan, or feels that it is needed. Ryan, and everyone, is very pleased with his style and look. It is totally the right feel and fit for Idol.”

Hopefully this provides for some interesting back and forth banter between Ryan and Mariah when the show airs.

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