Lil Wayne Passes Elvis Presley For Billboard Hot 100 Appearances

Lil’ Wayne has made a huge accomplishment in the music industry.  He’s surpassed Elvis Presley for the top spot in appearances on the Billboard hot 100.

Wayne’s latest feature on The Game’s “Celebration,” marked the 109th time that the rapper has appeared on the top list.  49 times the tracks have been his own, and the rest are guest appearances.

Passing Elvis is great an all, seeing that he is a true legend, but if Wayne wants to take the top spot, he’s got a ways to go.  The cast of Glee currently holds the top spot, with 204 appearances on the Hot 100.



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One Response to Lil Wayne Passes Elvis Presley For Billboard Hot 100 Appearances

  1. September 29, 2012 at 7:38 am #

    Your recent article about Lil Wayne passing Elvis Presley’s Hot 100 Record is not only deceiving but very twisted in the information it presents. There are so many factors wrong with the article that I don’t understand why it was written.

    With Elvis Presley being the solo artist on all of his Hot 100 charted tracks and the fact that 31 of his songs could not be on the chart because the Hot 100 didn’t exist yet, makes the Lil Wayne feat ridiculous to compare to compare to Elvis Presley.

    All The Best,
    Cory Cooper
    Elvis Historian, Consultant, Technical Advisor

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