Were Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore Ever Actually Married? Some Say Maybe Not


Many speculators online have begun to wonder whether or not Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore were ever actually married.

The couple were together for years as “husband and wife”  before separating eleven months ago, but according to The Huffington Post, there has been no filing for divorce as of yet, even though the pair has made no strides at saving their marriage.

So did they ever actually make it official, legally?  There has been no mention of a prenup, divorce proceedings, and those always present rumors that the couple had an “open marriage” over the course of their time together.

According to a new report on Radar Online, the couple married under Kabbalah tradition, and the site claims, “Sources close to the couple have speculated that their Kabbalah wedding was just a symbolic ceremony and not a legal marriage, and her actions now seem to back up those claims.”

The source also claims that per the terms of their “open marriage,” Demi never had much of a problem with Ashton sleeping around, it was just when he did it on their anniversary that made her upset.

Ashton has been quite public with his new girlfriend, Mila Kunis, even reportedly referring to her as “the wife.”  So is this just what he’s used to in a relationship?  Being married without being married.  It can save a lot of headaches in the end!


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