Keith Urban Downplays Minaj vs. Carey ‘Idol’ Feud

Keith Urban isn’t letting the feud between Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey on American Idol get to him, insisting he’s not fazed by the altercation at all.

The country star has even called the panel a “very alive and very invigorating” place to work.

Urban sat between the two in the video in which Minaj ranted, “I’m not f*cking putting up with her f*cking highness over there.”

Producers halted the production on Tuesday, and went back to work on Wednesday, and all was thought to be fine.   That’s when Carey appeared in an interview with Barbara Walters insisting she still feared for her life, after accusations that Minaj threatened to shoot her.

Urban spoke with Extra, in which he revealed,  “I was the U.N. (United Nations). I love it, I gotta say. I love working with passionate people. I love artists. Everyone just sort of expressing themselves. It’s a very alive and very invigorating work environment.”

“A lot of passion.”

Urban and Jackson managed to stay out of the diva drama on set, but how will they be able to do it for an entire season? This is only the auditions!

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