Liam Hemsworth Gets Billy Ray Cyrus’ Approval

One of the biggest endorsements of this election season is Billy Ray Cyrus endorsing Liam Hemsworth as future son in law!

BRC was asked recently about his daughter’s fiance to which he replied; “Liam’s a great guy. I like Liam a lot.”

The Cyrus dad even admitted that Liam came to him before asking Miley to marry him. ┬áHe explained, “We talked about it a couple of times.”

He adds, “The main thing for me is that both of them are happy. Miley’s worked really hard, and I’m enjoying right now seeing her so happy. She and I always had a mantra, and the mantra was: if you ain’t happy, it ain’t working. As long as [Miley’s] happy right now, life is good!”


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