Halle Berry Loses Legal Battle, Cant Take Daughter To France

A judge in Los Angeles, California has denied Halle Berry’s request to relocate her four year old daughter Nahla to Paris, France.

Berry has been in a custody dispute with her ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry and had hopes of moving to France with her daughter and fiance Oliver Martinez, where she believes it will be easier for them to live as a family away from the paparazzi and spot light.

The actress has denied that the move is an effort to keep the child from her father, as she recently told InStyle magazine, “It’s the appeal of privacy and a greater sense of safety for Nahla. I don’t want her to grow up around the tabloids. Because we are followed all the time, she is starting to feel like she is somehow special, and of course she is, but I want her to understand that she’s special because of who she is, not because she was born into this celebrity blender.”
Berry and Aubry split up in 2010, and reached a custody agreement in 2011.  That’s when Berry came up with the plans to move abroad, which were disputed by Aubry, with him coming out victorious in the end.


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