Texas Family Arrested, Suspected Of Multiple Bank Heists

Like a scene out of the most recent episode of The CW’s latest hit series ‘Arrow,’ a family in Texas has been arrested for their suspected involvement in a string of bank robberies.

In ‘Arrow’ episode 6, the vigilante takes down a family who has been robbing banks across Starling city.  He finds out that the ring leader of the thieves is a former employee of his father’s, who lost his job years back and was looking to make things right for his family financially.

Ronald Catt, 50, his 20-year-old son Hayden and 18-year-old daughter Abby picked up on  Nov. 9 after local officers tied them to the Oct. 1 armed stickup of a credit union in Katy, Texas.

Since then, the family has been linked to one other Texas heist and it’s believed that they may be  behind five bank robberies in their home state of Oregon.

Catt and his family relocated to Texas from Oregon over the summer, and former friends and neighbors have revealed that he recently lost two jobs and lost his home to the bank.

The Catt’s allegedly robbed banks wearing disguises purchased at a local Home Depot.  It’s believed that while Scott and Hayden Catt robbed the banks, Abby drove the getaway car.

All three are being held on bail.


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