‘Justice League’ Rumors: Joseph Gordon Levitt Cast As Batman?

Rumors are floating around that Warner Bros. is hoping to get ‘Justice League’ rolling and into theaters, but the big question remains of who will play Batman now that Christian Bale is done?

The first name to be thrown into the hat is Joseph Gordon Levitt, and movie site HitFlix is reporting via their source that it’s a done deal.  The site’s source claims that JGL will “absolutely” be appearing in ‘Justice League’ as the new batman.

For those who haven’t seen ‘The Dark Knight Rises Yet,’ 1) What are you waiting for? and 2) Don’t read ahead if you don’t want a semi spoiler.

Levitt plays John Blake in the film, and he’s given full access to the Bat Cave in the film after Bruce Wayne retires from the job.

So for WB, JGL is their new Batman should they choose to move forward.  But how will fans take the news that Batman is now John Blake?

HitFlix is also reporting that Zack Snyder is also making a few changes to his ‘Man of Steel’ movie so that it will tie in with ‘Justice League.’   Does this mean we may get our first glimpse of Batman in a scene after the credits as we have seen with some of the Marvel films that came before ‘The Avengers?’

Will Flash, Wonder Woman, Aqua Man, and Martain Manhunter be joining Superman and Batman as the original members on screen?

Will WB play off the recent success of their hit CW series ‘Green Arrow’ and cast Stephen Amell for the film, as his character is one of the current active members of the JLA?

Let the rumors fly!


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