Jay-Z Chats With Woman On Subway Before Brooklyn Performance

Rapper Jay-Z has created a new online documentary film starting with the construction of the new Barclay’s center in Brooklyn to the final night of his eight-show run to open the new arena earlier this year.

Along the way, Jay decided to take the subway to his final show, where he chatted with an elderly woman who had no idea who he was.

The woman, who introduces herself as Ellen asked what he did for a living, to which he replied “I make music.”  He also responded when she asked if he was famous, “.. (I’m) not very famous, you don’t know me. I’ll get there some day… I’m on my way to a performance in Brooklyn at the new Brooklyn arena.”

When she asked his name again, to perhaps look him up, she realized who he was, saying; “Oh! You’re Jay-Z? I know about Jay-Z.”

Check out the video below, and check out the full documentary as well.

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