Will Demi Lovato Return To ‘The X Factor’ Next Season?

On Thursday night, Demi Lovato became the first mentor on ‘The X Factor’ to have her team fully eliminated from the competition, so what does that mean for her position on the judges panel next season?

Simon Cowell spoke with People Magazine after Thursday’s show to which he responded, “It’s that time of year [when] you’re always going to get asked that question, and I’m not going to answer it.”

Cowell and Lovato have been back and forth in many of arguments at the panel this season, criticizing each other’s acts and song choices, but it’s mainly in a playful manor, as he has done before with judges like Paula Abdul, who was by his side for many seasons between American Idol and one season of ‘The X Factor.’

So how does Simon Cowell really feel about Demi? “She’s fun,” Simon, who still has two acts in the competition, said. “She really, really is a tough little thing. I know she plays the ‘I’ve been bullied’ [card] – trust me, this one gives as good as she gets.”

We don’t believe there is any Nicki Minaj/ Mariah Carey drama going on between these two.   Hopefully Demi and Britney Spears are both back for next season.


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