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Celebs Bigfoot Sighting!

It’s time for another edition of Celebrity Bigfoot! Many trackers across America travel to the most far out forests and back woods in search of the all mighty sasquatch, only to return home with a blurry photo of what they claim is the beast.  Same with LA.  People from all over the world travel here […]

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Celebs Bigfoot Sighting

Nothing I like more than a celebs striking the famous blurry bigfoot walking pose. So who’s this celebs bigfoot?  Take a guess and follow me after the jump for the answer!

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Beverly Hills Bigfoot.

Bigfoot was spotted this morning crossing Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.   As always photos of Bigfoot never come out clear for some reason, but our tracker was able to identify this species. It’s a Larry Kingfoot. Usually he comes out only at night, but thankfully this rare day sighting has been documented.

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3.4 Earthquake hits CA Mexico Border

So far reports are that no one has been hurt in the 3.4 earthquake that hit near the California / Mexico border.  Thank God!  Next time Kirstie Alley should send out a warning before she starts up her excercise regime again.  Just saying.

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Another Celebrity Bigfoot sighting!

I love it when celebrity’s get snapped in the famous “Bigfoot sighting” pose, and since this is the second time I’ve seen it this summer, I decided it will now get it’s own catagory.  As for Phoebe Price, here she is with one of her two bitches, the other being her mother, taking a stroll […]

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