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Chris Rock’s Hairy Lawsuit

Chris Rock is being sued over his latest documentary, but apparently he feels he has nothing to be worried about, and is shaking off the suit. A woman by the name of Regina Kimball is suing the comedian claiming that he stole the idea for his documentary, Good Hair, from her film, Nappy Roots. Rock […]

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Did Chris Rock Steal His Documentary Idea?

A woman named Regina Campbell is seeking $5 million in damages from Chris Rock, claiming that his documentary Good Hair rips off her doc Nappy Roots. She says she showed the comedian the doc on the set of Everybody Hates Chris in 2007. Rock claims the inspiration for his film, which explores the issues over […]

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List of Ten Highest Grossing Comedians Includes Ventriloquist Jeff Dunham for Some Reason

Fair warning: This post might make you want to kill yourself. Forbes, the magazine dedicated to ranking people by wealth, has published its list  of the ten highest-paid comedians. Seinfeld‘s #1. Fine. He’s the Coca-Cola of comics, let him add to his nine-figure net worth. Chris Rock came in second. THIS GUY WAS NUMBER THREE. […]

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Chris Rock Scores Book Deal.

It’s been over 10 years since Chris Rock released his first book, Rock This, and it’s now been announced that he’ll be taking another crack at authoring in a yet unnamed title to be released this spring. Grand Central Pubishing says the book will be a collection of comedic observations made by Rock himself, and […]

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The Odd Couple.

When it comes to heavily troubled singer Amy Winehouse, you might expect someone like a Mark Ronson to speak up and voice their concern over her battle to get better, but Chris Rock?? Rock recently made a plea to the Rehab singer to lay off the crack during an interview with a music blog, as […]

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Chris Rock Wiggin’ Out On the Corner.

Times are tough with the economy in the dumps, but I didn’t think it was bad enough for Chris Rock to have to resort to selling wigs and oranges on the streets of Hollywood. Here are some StarzLife Exclusive!! photos of Rock trying to unload some Afros and Rastafarian dreads .

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Chris Hates Everybody.

Chris Rock doesn’t look very pleased as he pals around the bushes at the Beverly Hills hotel in Beverly Hills. Everybody really must hate him in real life because he’s forced to talk walks by him self these days. Check out the StarzLife Exclusive!!! photos below.

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