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EXCLUSIVE!!! Scary Perry

EXCLUSIVE!!! Matthew Perry’s lookin’ scary. He maybe clean and sober but you can see the years he wasn’t written all over his face. The Friends star looked a little ragged while attending a child’s birthday party with his girlfriend downtown.

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Disick Gets His Head Shrunk

We’ve been watching Kris Jenner attempts at neutering Scott Disick the way she has Bruce Jenner and it looks like she’s almost done it! People Magazine is reporting that Scott Disick’s plunge into therapy, (the real kind, not the retail kind the rest of the Kardashians constantly seek) has made a world of difference in his […]

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OsBOuRNe Lucky

Jack Osbourne wants to be known for something other than being the son of Ozzy… well, kinda. Young Osbourne has his sights set on directing and what better way to start than directing the man who needs constant directing, Ozzy. Jack will direct the music video for the Ozzy song Life Won’t Wait. Ironically we […]

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Cowell Turns From Dream Taker To Dream Maker

The man best known for killing people’s dreams made someone’s come true for once. Simon Cowell is funding a british girl by the name of Megan Kershaw’s trip to the U.S. to spend her 13th birthday at Disneyworld.  Megan has been undergoing treatment for cancer and the trip to Disneyworld as well as meeting Cowell […]

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EXCLUSIVE!!! Kicks & Kisses From the Sexy Unstoppable Natasha Alam

Super sexy star of True Blood and current Playboy cover girl, Natasha Alam was handing out kicks and kisses on the set of her movie “Bella Gunness.”  The bombshell’s boundless energy and charisma kept all eyes glued to her during filming and  has her conquering the small screen, big screen and print all at once. […]

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Pete Wentz: Daddy Duty.. Can’t Beat it. “Not Even With Game Genie.”

Loving pops Pete Wentz took his little boy Bronx to a park in The Valley today for a little father/son play time. Pete took Bronx down the sliding board, on the swings, and even helped the little tot learn how to walk. Mom must have been at work for the day because Pete then Tweeted; […]

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Rainy Days.

Nicole Richie braved the LA rain drops to stop by a Whole Foods yesterday afternoon. Little Harlow must have stayed home for the day while mom did the shoppin’. [nggallery id=454]

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