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Russell Crowe Throws $8,000 Around Like It’s a Phone

Russell Crowe, the lead singer of 30-Odd Foot of Grunts, also acts. He’s currently filming Robin Hood, the most beloved wealth-redistribution parable in the public domain. In a case of life imitating art, Russell has taken from the rich (his employers) and given to the poor (a boom mic operator).

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Tom Arnold in a Russell Crowe suit!

Russell Crowe Tom Arnold looking old and fat in West Hollywood!

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Insert adorable (fat) dad comment here.

Aww!!  Is this precious or what?!  Russell Crowe Dadda and boys out toy shopping in Beverly Hills!

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Russell Crowe has been WORKING OUT!

Russell Crowe is looking a little less huge.

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Prime Beef Galore!!

More of our favorite family man and his overgrown gut babies!  Eat your hearts out, ladies! It’s so much easier to caress your babies’ tiny little heads when they’re sticking out all over the place!!  No pausing or bending necessary!!Yes, hes definitely a hunk-a, hunk-a something!

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And for those of you who insist on comparing Russell Crowe to hunks of “Prime Beef”…

I have just one big, fat thing to say. He’s all yours. Spit, sweat, fatigue, tits, and all.  =)

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Russell Crowe, family man. Baby Be-lu-gaaa!!

Not only is he acting the daddy part, he’s looking it too!!  Is that a gut that I spy, with my little eye?Okay, okay, on the count of three: one, two, three: “AWW!!!” Aren’t these four just precious?Our favorite gladiator dad spent yesterday afternoon at a Beverly Hills park with his wife, Danielle Spencer, and […]

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