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Samantha Ronson Calls the Kettel Black.

Samantha Ronson had an awards show on her Myspace blog this morning, and she gave the idiot of the century award to Coolio, for his latest arrest at LAX for possession of crack cocaine. Yes, he is an idiot, maybe the idiot of the century, but some people shall not call names! Sam writes; Saturday, […]

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Lindsay and Sam Planning to Wed Soon?

Though their relationship is forever on the rocks, Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson have sparked  wedding rumors by visiting Westminster Synagogue on their current trip to London. Ronson’s jewish background would explain the reason for the visit but the Westminster Synagogue is also known for its liberal views on marriage. If anything, maybe Lindsay is […]

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Sam Ronson Trades Favors for Haircuts!

I’m really glad Samantha Ronson posted a blog clearing up the rumor that Lindsay Lohan has been indulging in $900.00 haircuts, as well as picking up the tab on girlfriend Samantha Ronson’s $500.00 haircuts as well.  When I firt read that the Ronson cut cost half of a thousand I thought maybe I was in […]

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Lindsay Tries to Clear Up the Miami Drama.

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson did cancel their Valentines day club appearance in Miami this weekend, and even though the rumor was that it was because of a fight the previous night in New York City, the pair cited illness as their reason for not attending. Sam was reportedly ordered by doctors not to fly, […]

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Skinny Ronson Plays to Our Neighbor to the North.

A shockingly thin Samantha Ronson dee-jayed at Bank Nightclub in Montreal Canada this weekend, and check out these amazing EXCLUSIVE!! photos from photographer Jazmin Million. All the talk last week was about  Lindsay’s drastic weight loss, but what about the naturally thin DJ who seems to be looking more thin than usual. Is the breakup/make […]

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Linds and Sam’s Joint Bank Account?

Reports are floating around that  Lindsay Lohan once wanted to show Samantha Ronson how serious she was about their relationship, so she opened a bank account in both of their names. A source revealed to Britians Daily Express, “Lindsay was reportedly earning $244,000 per episode for her stint on ‘Ugly Betty’ last year and she’s […]

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Still Kickin’ It.

Lindsay Lohan is still standing by her word that her and Samantha Ronson haven’t broken up yet.  She’d know best right? Lindsay spoke to Life & Style magazine and told them “We never broke up,” says Lohan. “People don’t have to be together every second. It’s healthy to miss someone, and if you’re in it […]

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Did Linds and Sam Break Up on New Years?

Though some of the photos of Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson from New Years eve looked happy, could it all have been a show for the 10-1 countdown? The Dirty is reporting that the two had a massive fight on New Years Eve in Miami, and a video has surfaced of Lindsay going off on […]

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Sam Ronson Fires Back at Mike Lohan.

She’s a jokester too!   After Michael Lohan wrote that he was 99% sure Samantha Ronson was writing Lindsay Lohan’s blog posts, Samantha told Page Six; “Ha! That’s funny, but I don’t ghost-write MySpace blogs. Good thing he left that one per cent window open so he wasn’t 100 per cent wrong for once.” I never […]

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Quote of the Day.

“SAMANTHA RONSON IS A “DRUG” As for the “addictive relationship”, as I said before, beside being a user and supplier, Sam IS a drug! Just like a drug she is controlling! Can you imagine Lindsay NOT coming home for Christmas! I can’t! She never did this before. And even if she has an issue with […]

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