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How Snooki Became Snooki

Ever wonder how Snooki got the name Snooki? Well she told Jay Leno last night! “I was at a middle school dance and I was the first one to kiss a boy out of my friends, You know Save The Last Dance, the movie? Snooki was the DJ. So the Snooki character was very funny, […]

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Guess Whos Back

Looks as if Jersey Shore has wrapped up shooting in Dade county!  Snooki has returned to twitter. With just three tweets announcing her return so far, Snooki tweeted this photo with the caption: @JENNIWOWW best friend 🙂 Looks like we officially have some JSBFFs! It’s only a matter of time before she start’s going off […]

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Snooki’s Former Flame Calls Her the Cheater!

Even with the Jersey Shore cast on lock down from Twitter and Facebook while filming season two in Miami, they still find ways to stir up drama! Monday it was reported that Snooki had broken up with her nobody boyfriend, Emilio, after he was caught cheating with girls from facebook. Snooki is banned from the […]

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Jersey Shore Casts Good Bye Tweets. Time to Film Season 2!!

Say goodbye to any interaction with your favorite new reality gang. The cast of Jersey Shore is cutting off all electronic contact to film season two of the hit show. Unless you can make it down to South Beach, where the gang will be filming night after night this season, You’ll have to wait until […]

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Snooki Reveals the GTL Mobile

Everybody’s favorite guidette, Snooki, posted this gem to her Twitter page this morning. Not sure if it’s her boyfriend Emelio’s ride, or just some local who was the first to the DMV, but it is awesome!!! Jersey shore is prepping for season two right now, and it seems as if the GTL craze won’t be […]

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Snooki Vinnie

Jersey Shore Brings the Roof Down! Literally!

Is someone up there trying to tell us something!?  Jersey Shore’s  Snooki and Vinnie were attending a party in NYC this weekend (where she tweeted this photo) and the roof came down! Apparently, all of the accumulated snow on top of the glass atrium at the building hosting the party, sending shards of glass down […]

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Tell Me Why?

Mario Lopez is laying a big smooch on Snooki because… [Image via: Snooki]

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Self-explanatory. If you’re Harvey Levin or something, go here to negotiate a deal to buy other pictures. Eye bleach, please.

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Jersey Shore Invades ‘The View’

Not that te ladies on The View haven’t ever dealt with wild guests before, but 7 fist-pumping guidos at once could prove to be a new challenge! They’ve recently announced that Kate Gosselin will be coming back in March, but first they will be taking on the cast members of MTV’s unlikely hit Jersey Shore […]

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The Cookie Diet is the Snooki Diet!

Looks like someone is turning a certain “situation” into healthy living! When the cast of Jersey Shore went to Atlantic City for a weekend full of partying, tensions flared as  “The Situation” made a remark about Snooki’s weight. Now that the show is over (and before season 2) Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi” has decided to do […]

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