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Kim Kardashian: “Happy Sunday”

If you weren’t having a happy Sunday already, you were as soon as you logged into Twitter and saw this little treat from Kim Kardashian. Currently in Hawaii on vacation with Kanye West, Kim posed for this over the shoulder shot wearing a once piece and showing off her greatest assets. Kim wrote, “Happy Sunday.” […]

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Mila Kunis Hired a Butt Double For ‘Friends With Benefits’

Mila Kunis is going to be starring in a movie about sex with Justin Timberlake, but unfortunately you won’t be seeing exactly what you want to see from her! Though the actress admits that there will be some side boob, and butt. However, the butt won’t be hers.  She hired a butt double. During a […]

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Nicki Minaj’s ‘Pink Friday’ Goes Platinum

She looks red hot in King Magazine, but Nicki Minaj’s music has gone Platinum. After five weeks on the shelves, Pink Friday has officially sold one million copies. If you aren’t one of the million who have it yet (legally) Get it!!! Congrats, Nicki!

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Jessa Hart Bares Her Bottom For GQ

Remember Jessica Hart, the Australian model who appeared in the 2009 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue? Well check out these photos from her GQ shoot that we got our hands on! Hot hot hot!

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Happy Birthday Kim Kardashian!

It may actually be debatable that the birth of Kim Kardashian is actually a bigger deal than the birth of a certain little rug-rat born a couple thousand years ago on December 25th. If you had to worship one or the other, we know who you’d choose, you don’t even have to say it. So […]

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Kim Kardashian Naked For W Magazine

Happy happy holiday! In a shocking surprise that we never saw coming, Kim Kardashian will be the November cover-girl for W Magazine in a completely nude shoot! Kim, who posed nude for Playboy in 2007 and has since voiced her regrets with doing so at the time, and claiming she’d never pose nude again, appears […]

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Scott Disick Calls Kim a “Big Butt Bitch-ler Boy”

“Looks like someone’s the big butt-bitch-ler boy for the day!” -Scott Disick taunting Kim Kardashian when her sister Kourtney beat her in a game of poker with a full house. The sisters had a bet on the hand with the loser having to be the winners “bitch boy” for the day. It all goes down […]

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Wandering Eyes in New Orleans

Kim Kardashian posted this photo to her official blog, taking about how she had the best seats in the house for this past weekend’s New Orlean’s Saints game, but something else in the picture just jumps out and grabs you! I picture the couple behind her having this sort of conversation,  Woman: “Hey isn’t that […]

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