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Starzlife Pics: Rachel Bilson, Being All Rachel Bilsony

Canuck-betrothed Rachel Bilson was snapped out and about in Los Feliz (how do you pronounce it? I say “too far to drive”) yesterday. Rachel’s rocking high-cut boots and a short skirt. I love that look. I myself have been combining American Apparel shorts with boat shoes and dress socks for a similar vibe in the […]

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Twilight is Everywhere, So Just Bow Down and Worship Your New God

Need more Twilight in your life? I don’t see how, since it’s everywhere already (including Comic-Con, which starts today with a peek at New Moon). Well, now you can wear your unashamed obsession (or guilty pleasure, depending on how old you are) all over town! Nordstrom is releasing a Twilight-inspired clothing line. The graphic tees […]

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Because You Can Never Have Enough Lindsay Posts in One Day

Lindsay Lohan‘s Fornarina commercial is probably the funniest thing I have and will ever see in my entire life. It’s her greatest achievement in front of a camera. Seriously, even Mean Girls doesn’t come close, and that’s Lindsay’s best movie. Unfortunately, these print ads for Fornarina don’t come anywhere near the hilarity of Linds lethargically […]

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Lindsay’s Marketing Strategy

I’ll give Lindsay Lohan credit when credit is due, and for yesterday’s publicity stunt, credit is due. The hard working Lohan spend a rough day of work shopping in Hollywood, where she put her little bit of smarts to work. Lindsay entered the store wearing a short mini dress, and emerged wearing a new long […]

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Lauren Conrad: Another busy lady!

TV, fashion, and decisions, how in the world does she manage it all? Lauren Conrad has also been quite the hard worker this week, as she juggled all her projects at once!! The Hills’ star managed to film segments for the show, film promotional material for her fashion line, and even pick the models for […]

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