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Jerry Lewis vs. Lindsey Lohan

Whatever happened to celebs boxing because I would definitely pay to see ¬†Lohan v. Lewis. Jerry Lewis recently told Inside Edition that given the opportunity he ¬†would smack Lindsey Lohan in the mouth telling her, “you deserve this and nothing else.’ WHACK!” Lewis proclaimed,”Then if she’s not satisfied I would put her over my knee […]

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Lindsay Saves India; Returns To The US

Lindsay Lohan has returned from her Stop The Child Trafficking Tour of India, and is safe and well in L.A. The philanthropic actress – who just take home next year’s Nobel Peace prize – appeared at LAX this weekend looking tired but happy after a long journey saving lives. Except did she? Lohan, who is […]

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Lindsay Lohan Gets a Real Job? And It’s Not Vodka Taster

Lindsay Lohan has landed herself a position as an artistic adviser to French fashion house Ungaro. The label hopes the starlet will reinvigorate their sluggish brand, as well as bring some publicity (hey, it’s working!). Ungaro has fired their previous designer and brought in new designer, Estrella Archs, as part of the overhaul. Lohan says […]

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Because You Can Never Have Enough Lindsay Posts in One Day

Lindsay Lohan‘s Fornarina commercial is probably the funniest thing I have and will ever see in my entire life. It’s her greatest achievement in front of a camera. Seriously, even Mean Girls doesn’t come close, and that’s Lindsay’s best movie. Unfortunately, these print ads for Fornarina don’t come anywhere near the hilarity of Linds lethargically […]

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Uh Oh!

Michael Lohan pretty much first showed up in the Twitter world this morning, and already he’s been hacked. You have to wonder why frequent star twitterers like Ashton Kutcher, Pete Wentz, Shaq, and Diddy haven’t had their Twitters hacked yet, but it probably has something to do with the fact that people actually like them. […]

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