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Lindsay Lohan‘s Fornarina commercial is probably the funniest thing I have and will ever see in my entire life. It’s her greatest achievement in front of a camera. Seriously, even Mean Girls doesn’t come close, and that’s Lindsay’s best movie.

Unfortunately, these print ads for Fornarina don’t come anywhere near the hilarity of Linds lethargically naming shapes in a 13-year old girl’s version of Tron. They’re still tons better than this Marilyn Monroe shoot. What’s with Europe and Lilo? Do they still think she’s a huge movie star over there? Have they not recieved America’s memo?

Check out the rest of the heavily-photoshopped-to-disguise- the-freckled-meth-face of Lilo for Fornarina. C’mon, that has to be the funnest word in history to say out loud. Try it. Forn-a-ree-na. I can’t stop giggling.

And click after the jump to watch her commercial again, because it never gets old.

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