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Mischa Barton Would be the New Lindsay Lohan, if the Current Lindsay Wasn’t Still a Big Mess

Mischa, Lindsay. Lindsay, Mischa. Seriously, you guys should hang. According to the NY Post, Mischa was on a three day coke bender before being hospitalized. Her friends were worried about her and called the cops. And you gotta be really bad if even your coke friends think you’re in trouble. Says Barton’s friend: “She’s running […]

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Mischa’s Meltdown

Everyone be sure to take a moment of silence during OC re-runs tonight for poor little Mischa Barton, who is held up unwillingly at the Cedars Sinai medical center in the looney bin. Barton called the police on herself on Wednesday afternoon with a health problem, and was later checked into the psychiatric holding at […]

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Breaking News: LA Coroner Visiting Arnie Klein

Some serious shit is going down in Beverly Hills! The LA Coroner has barged into the office of  Michael Jackson dermatologist Arnie Klein demanding medical records from the fallen King of Pop. Klein has reportedly been not cooperating with authorities over medical records which might suggest he had a hand in getting Jackson prescription drug.  […]

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Starz Life ‘nose’ what Lohan has been up to

Everybody’s favorite recovering user, Lindsay Lohan, stepped out to lunch again on Monday with her bff SaMANtha Ronson at what’s apparently the only restaurant in Los Angeles, Joan’s on Third.

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Mischa Barton to accept plea deal, avoid jail.

Mischa Barton, who was arrested on December 27th in Los Angeles for a DUI, struck a plea deal in court that will keep her out of jail sources are reporting…

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