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Adam Sandler: Surfing Student Of Malibu

Funnyman Adam Sandler took to the waves in Malibu this weekend for some… sort of surfing. The 42 year-old star of ‘Funny People,’ and father of two, clad in a body-concealing t-shirt, played around with his board but didn’t actually quite make it upright. Check out more pictures of the amateur surfer and the Malibu […]

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Funny People Laughs All The Way To The Bank

Funny People debuted at No. 1 at the box office this weekend, raking in a moderately successful $23.4 million. And what’s not so funny? An incredibly tepid box office – far different to this time last year, when Dark Knight was pulling in the equivalent of a small country’s GNP. Despite general bad reviews, the […]

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Seth Rogen Calls Out Katherine Heigl for Being a Hypocrite

Yesterday we reported that hating Katherine Heigl is somewhat of a trend these days. Seth Rogen was on Howard Stern’s radio show yesterday, and reminded us all that he was the inventor of Heigl hatred, further attacking her for her latest film. The feud started last year when Heigl spoke out about her unhappiness filming […]

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Eminem to Appear in New Apatow Film?

Apparently Eminem will appear in the latest film from Judd Apatow, Funny People, which stars Seth Rogen and Adam Sandler and hits theaters at the end of this month. The previews for the film have been airing for quite some time now with no signs of Em, but recent reports would suggest that he’s polishing […]

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‘Funny People’ at Work in Hollywood.

Manarexic lookin’ Seth Rogen was on the set of his new movie, Funny People, in Hollywood yesterday when we caught him between takes. The synopsis of the movie sounds pretty dull, “George is a very successful stand up comedian who learns that he has an untreatable blood disorder and is given less than a year […]

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