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Heidi Montag “Upset” That Jennifer Aniston Banned Her From Premiere

Jennifer Aniston’s wish is the movie studio’s command!  Sorry Heidi Montag! Earlier this month we told you Jennifer Aniston was trying to have Heidi Montag banned from the red carpet at the premiere of her new film, ‘Just Go With It,’ in which Montag has a small cameo role. Sources were claiming that Aniston wasn’t […]

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Jennifer Aniston Wants Heidi Montag Banned From Movie Premiere

Jennifer Aniston is taking a stab at redemption again with the release of her upcoming film alongside Adam Sandler and Brooklyn Decker, ‘Just Go With It,’ but she also want’s a stab at the guest list. According to Kikster.com, Aniston is trying everything in her power to have Heidi Montag’s name axed from the guest […]

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Courtney Cox Spends Xmas With Jennifer Aniston

If there was any indication on how the repair of Courteney Cox and David Arquette’s marriage is going, it’s this! Cox and daughter Coco spent this Christmas eve celebrating quietly with her ‘Friend,’ Jennifer Aniston. A source close the Cox tells People.com: ”They celebrated Christmas [with] each other and just focused on making things special […]

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Chelsea Handler Unleashes Fury of Insults at Angelina Jolie During Stand-Up Bit

Chelsea Handler unleashed a fury of jokes about Angelina Jolie and her family during a stand-up bit  on her tour this past weekend. Among things like calling her a c**t and a home wrecker,  she made fun of her adopted children and their ethnic backgrounds as well. While the kid cracks may not have been […]

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Jennifer Aniston plain Jane? According to 77yr old Joan Collins she is.

Angelina Jolie with movie star looks and dowdy old Jennifer Aniston inferred  Joan Collins to the Daily Mail. Joan has made a career wearing too much make up and styled wigs and calling it Hollywood Glamour. It’s just a no no to compare the two, Angelina ran off with Jens husband and besides most people […]

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John Mayer STRONGLY Denies He and Aniston Are Back Together

John Mayer doesn’t want anyone to think he and Jennifer Aniston are back together and he’s going to great lengths to make sure no one does. On his blog Mayer dissected a Huffington Post piece that claimed the couple reunited.  He breaks down all the misinformation and bad reporting in the piece titled John Mayer […]

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Jennifer Aniston NOT Joining Scream

The BIGGEST Scream 4 Casting news yet! Looks as if Courtney Cox has talked her real life ‘Friend’ Jennifer Aniston into appearing in the 4th slasher film. Sources are claiming that Aniston will appear in the film, but only as the character who gets killed in the opening sequence. Ala Drew Barrymore, and Jada Pinkett-Smith. […]

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Jennifer Aniston Flashes Smart Water Abs

Jennifer Aniston looks smoking hot in this new ad  for Smart Water. The girl is 41 years old!!!  Women around the world should try to get an in with her and Courtney Cox and take notes on whatever their friend circle’s secret is. Wow!

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Courtney Cox Bringing More ‘Friends’ to Cougartown

Great news for Cougar Town fans!  Courtney Cox is planning to follow up the cameo by Lisa Kudrow with a cameo from Jennifer Aniston. Cox once teamed up with Aniston post Friends on her short lived series, Dirt, and now shes promised the producer of her new show as a birthday president that she’d make […]

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Heidi Montag Cast in Actual Movie… With Jennifer Aniston!

Every dog has it’s day, right? Yesterday we mentioned that Heidi Montag was quoted saying she had been cast in a comedy, but we didn’t think it was for real! Well now it’s been confirmed that Montag has landed herself a small cameo role in the upcoming Jennifer Aniston / Adam Sandler flick, Just Go […]

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