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Let Pauly D Learns You Somethin’ About Haih

Thank you, Jersey Shore cast. You make this job so damn easy. It just never ends with you.  What am I going to write about between seasons? Silly me, I make it seem like you’ll all just disappear from the headlines. I’m sure at least one of you will drop dead from whatever happens to […]

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Do You Know the REAL Situation?

Ever wonder what would happen when someone walks in on the Situation, Snooki, and Pauly D as they rehearse for an episode of MTV’s Jersey Shore? Check out this hilarious clip from Funny or Die! Love that they are in on the joke, and making light of it! The REAL Situation (Feat. MTV Jersey Shore’s […]

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It Takes More Than Saying “Hey, Come to My Party” to Get the Jersey Shore Kids at Your Party

You’d think all it would take to get Mike “The Situation” and Pauly D from MTV’s Jersey Shore to show up at your party would be a cooler full of Smirnoff Ice; or a chance to be photographed next to an MMA fighter; or telling them it’ll be during the day, outside, in the sun; […]

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Jersey Shore Clock-Cleaner: “Sorry I Punched Da Broad”

Brad Ferro, the Queens, New York gym teacher who shot from anonymity to infamy instantly when MTV teased (now excised) footage of him dropping a haymaker on a 4’9″ woman, has apologized. “I’ve learned my lesson: never again will I punch a woman on camera,” he said in an interview with the BBC World Service. […]

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Alyssa Milano Doesn’t Like Jersey Shore

Apparently the old Italian ‘stick in the muds’ aren’t the only ones finding MTV’s  Jersey Shore offensive. Actress Alyssa Milano isn’t having any of it either! At the UNICEF ball in Beverly Hills last night, when asked if she’d seen the show, Milano told UsMagazine; “My husband actually showed me the trailer on YouTube last […]

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Bobby Bottleservice is Back!

Bobby Bottleservice is the creation of Cavemen funnyman Nick Kroll. In the following video, he auditions for Jersey Shore. So I guess this is technically yet another Jersey Shore post. Boy, I really need to start watching that show. Bobby Bottleservice – Jersey Shore Audition Tape – watch more funny videos

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Jersey Shore Clock-Cleaner Unmasked

If you’re wondering who punches Snooky in the clip being used to tease this season of Jersey Shore , it’s a high school gym teacher. Wow, Jersey Shore really does reinforce negative stereotypes. I’ve always considered teaching gym to be how violent alcoholics spread misery during daylight hours. From the Post: The drunken lout seen […]

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Boy, Oh Boy, People Sure Don’t Like “Jersey Shore”

When we last checked in with Jersey Shore, MTV’s newest reality show about horrible young people, the Italian media watchdog group UNICO was complaining that the show reinforced negative Italian stereotypes. Now, MTV is getting threatened with who-knows-what: The MTV building in Times Square was getting crazy threats and they are in the process of hiring more security […]

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UNICO is Like GLAAD for Guidos and Just As Annoying

Have you seen the ads for MTV’s latest reality show, Jersey Shore? It’s a peek into the lives of the hottest, tannest craziest Guidos who keep their hair high, their muscles juiced, and their fists pumping all summer long. Except I should have put quotes around the description, because that’s actually how the show is […]

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