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Jessica Alba ‘Sales’ Away

Jessica Alba never misses a good sale!!! Actually, she just shops every day regardless of a sale or not it would seem. Anyways, here’s some snaps of Jessica Alba shopping at the Fred Segal sale. Business as usual!

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tthe way Jessica Alba And Daughter Shop, “The ‘Honor’ System”

Gorgeous Little Honor, daughter of Jessica Alba & Cash Warren, already seems quite at home in a clothes store. Mom carries Honor from the car to the store, but once there, the 15 month old beauty runs off and shops by herself, while Mum is left to sort through racks alone. Fashionably but sensibly dressed, […]

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Daddy Day Care

It was a change of pace today for little Honor Marie Warren.   Usually out and about with mama Jessica Alba,  Honor spent the day with daddy Cash Warren in Beverly Hills this week. Honor is growing up fast before our very eyes.  She’s even started walking a bit. Check out some more photos of Cash […]

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Jessica’s Mini-Me Growing Up Fast

Check out the adorable Honor Marie Warren as she shows of some of her first steps out and about with mom Jessica Alba in Beverly Hills this weekend. She’s a spitting image of her mother, and it seems like just yesterday she was being pushed around in the stroller. Check out a few more photos […]

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STARZLIFE PICS: Jessica Alba and Spawn

Here’s Jessica Alba and her baby, Honor. So cute. More like Awwwnor!

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The Greatest Use of Laser Technology is the Removal of Neck Tattoos

If a lower back tattoo is a “tramp stamp,” what’s a back-of-the-neck tattoo? I can’t think of any words for “small picture” that rhyme with “prison,” “jail,” “gang banger,” “cholo,” or “classless.” Anyway, Jessica Alba is gettin her collar color removed, the Daily Mail reports (<–click for pics!). Actors, please: stop getting tattoos. You’re only […]

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Business As Usual For Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba and the adorable little Honor Marie went out for a little shopping trip in Beverly Hills recently. Jessica, minus the smile as usual must keep in that tip top shape by pushin that baby around town every day as she shops til she drops! Don’t think she’s all play and no work though.  […]

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STARZLIFE PICS of Eugenics In Action: Jessica Alba and Offspring

Pretty person/actress Jessica Alba was snapped strolling around town in an untucked white button-down and short-shorts holding her baby, Honor. From the looks of things, toddlers are hard to get a good grip on. I think they’re at their squirmiest at that age. Too old to stick in a baby-backpack, too young to walk quickly from the […]

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EXCLUSIVE!!! Jessica Alba’s Man Hunt

Starzlife spotted Jessica Alba EXCLUSIVELY!!! as she headed off to a casting audition in Beverly Hills. Jessica was reportedly there scouting out the man who would play her significant other in an upcoming project. Wonder if she got to test them out by making out with them?  For their sake, hopefully! Jessica is currently filming […]

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Smile, Grumpy!

Jessica Alba was spotted mean muggin’ photographers as she left Barneys in Beverly Hills this afternoon. Jessica was on a shopping trip with her daughter Honor Marie and some pals. Maybe she was embarassed that it took them over 5 minutes to figure out how to get Honor buckled into the car seat! Either way,  […]

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