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Ali Lohan Hacker Maybe Linked to Death Threats

As if the Lohan clan doesn’t have enough on their docket Ali Lohan personal info has been hacked and gathered by a US State Department clerk. Apparently, 28 year old, Brooke Reyna has been using the government computer to peek into the personal documents of stars for years and has been indicted on slew of […]

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Robert Shapiro’s Conditions for Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan may have hired Robert Shapiro to be her power attorney, however it wasn’t to get her out of her 90 day jail sentence. In fact, one of Shapiros conditions for taking on the job, was reportedly that Lindsay carry out her sentence for violating her probation, which includes a 90 day jail sentence, […]

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Quote of the Day

“That’s disgusting! I don’t want to see it. We can’t stop it, but I wish she would get herself out of this situation where she puts herself in the limelight where people are going to pick on her.” -Michael Lohan talking about the hustler spoof porn about his daughter, Lindsay Lohan. He’s totes going to […]

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Lindsay’s Career Oops!

Maybe the word brought back terrible memories from her partying days the night before, but Lindsay Lohan is rumored to have turned down a role in The Hangover, the role which ended up being played by Heather Graham. Us Weekly reports in it’s latest issue that  director Todd Philips was practically begged by Lohan’s agent […]

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Is That a Walking Carrot?

Either the sunshine reflecting off of Lindsay Lohan’s extremely red hair doesn’t do any favors to her skin tone, or else she had a very bad encounter with some SevinNyne sunless tanning lotion! Lindsay is looking extra orange in the face as she heads out on a shopping trip in Los Angeles today. Taking after […]

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Lindsay Calls Paps as Spies.

Lindsay Lohan is like that friend who talks crap about you and never calls you back, but then when they need something you are the first person they call. According to a tweet, Lindsay has been apparently calling the paparazzi to ask them who Sam is with at the moment. Lindsay Lohan was out last […]

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