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Britney’s Great Depression

Is Britney Spears depressed?  We’ve got the EXCLUSIVE scoop for you. We spotted Britney doing a little retail therapy with her mom in Burbank, California this afternoon, and she was looking miserable the entire time. With an extra large Häagen–Dazs in tow, Britney shopped til she nearly dropped, buying up everything in site.  So could […]

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And the Award For Best Supporting Actress With Hairy Legs: Mo’Nique

She’s been celebrating her Oscar nomination all weekend, by first having a dinner party with some girlfriends at Philipe Chows in West Hollywood, but no doubt the party raged on into early Monday morning after Mo’Nique picked up her first Oscar for Best Actress in a Supporting Role  for her work on Precious. Mo’Nique has […]

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EXCLUSIVE!!! Kiefer Sutherland Puts the ‘Jack’ in Jack Bauer

Stop the wagon! Someone has fallen off! We’ve got the EXCLUSIVE details about Kiefer William Fredrick Dempsey George Rufus Sutherland’s wild Thursday night in Hollywood this week. Kiefer, who’s been popped for THREE DUI’S in the past, was spotted by a Starzlife spy at local Hollywood dive, Piano Bar, on Thursday night and it looks […]

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Roseanne Rocks: Calls Out Mormon Church For Being Anti-Gay Cult of Imaginary Garbage

It’s nice to see someone calling attention to the role the god-awful Mormon church had in driving Marie Osmond‘s gay son to off himself. From Roseanne’s blog: because he had been told how wrong and how sick he was every day of his life by his church and the people in it. Calling that “depression” […]

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Where J-Kwon At?!

The guy who did “Tipsy” is missing! No, not the guy who composed the music for the electronica/lounge hybrid act. That’s Tipsy. “Tipsy” is a song. That’s why I used quotes. I didn’t mean it ironically. St. Louis rapper J-Kwon has been missing for more than a month, according to record label Gracie Productions. The […]

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Naomi Campbell: Stop Hitting People, You Psycho Bitch

Being pretty does not give you the right to assault strangers at random! Being a cop does! Learn the difference, Naomi Campbell. You’re just pretty. Cops are those people who keep arresting you.  Naomi’s back at it – she almost ended up in cuffs after hitting her driver, Miodrag Mejdina, in the back of the […]

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Daniel Radcliffe Discusses the Allegaytions

Harry Potter sat down with the MTV’s new Jew news anchor to talk about not being gay. He discusses being accused of having “gay face,” and acts like it’s such a shocking concept. Now, he’s right to be taken aback that someone would say he has it, because he doesn’t, but come on dude. You’re […]

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Ochocinco Has Been Training for DWTS

Chad Ochocinco was just announced as a contestant on Dancing With the Stars last night, and don’t be surprised if he comes out prepared! Athletes usually do very well on this show, because their profession is footwork, but for Ochocinco, it’s all about the video games. He’s frequently at home during the season tweeting his […]

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EXCLUSIVE STARZLIFE NEWS!!! Roxy Olin and Alex Lobel: One in the Oven?

Alex Lobel, assistant to powerhouse P.R. girl Lizzie Grubman, and his girlfriend, The City cast member Roxy Olin, hit up Sin City this weekend. The couple partied at the Venetian, but didn’t spend all their time inside the chic hotel – they managed to squeeze in a quick trip to a local Wal-Mart pharmacy where […]

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The Catholic Church Confuses Columbia Pictures with Nietzsche

The Catholic Church’s lawyer, who is probably Jewish like their lord, wants Columbia Pictures to cough up some green for killing Christ on camera in their end-0f-times effects flick 2012: Brazil’s Catholic Church is suing Hollywood for using unauthorized images of Rio’s famous giant Christ statue in its disaster movie blockbuster “2012,” a lawyer involved […]

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