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Roseanne Rocks: Calls Out Mormon Church For Being Anti-Gay Cult of Imaginary Garbage

It’s nice to see someone calling attention to the role the god-awful Mormon church had in driving Marie Osmond‘s gay son to off himself. From Roseanne’s blog: because he had been told how wrong and how sick he was every day of his life by his church and the people in it. Calling that “depression” […]

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Watch This!!!! “The Cher & Chaz Show!”

From “Executive Producer” Roseanne Barr comes a new web series: “Cher And Chaz!” The hilarious short is a spoof of the original Sonny & Cher show – only this time it stars Cher and her new transgendered son, Chaz (formerly Chastity) played by drag superstar, Jackie Beat! Watch the hilarious first episode, if only for […]

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Roseanne Gives A Shout Out To Hitler

Yep, that’s our beloved Roseanne dressed as the Fuhrer on the cover of the latest issue of Heeb magazine. Never one to shy from controversy, Kabbalist Roseanne is depicted in “The German Issue” in full Hitler mustache, and taking people cookies out of a burning oven. I know what you’re thinking. Madonna‘s going to have […]

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Happy Birthday Roseanne.

I haven’t agreed with any words that have came out of your Michael Moore lovin’ mouth since the final episode of Roseanne aired, but I’ll never forget the nights spent with the Connors. Happy 56th ya old hag. And now a special birthday wish for you.

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You can’t nurse on an empty stomach!

You gotta love L.A.!  Give us one afternoon of sunshine amidst a week of gloom and rain, the stars come right back out to show us they are just like the rest of us.  They shop, they eat and they NURSE in public! Lesbian moms Sarah Gilbert and Alison Adler spend time with little Levi and […]

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