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Ryan Seacrest Just Mentoring Lindsay Lohan

Ryan Seacrest is dismissing reports that he’s dating Lindsay Lohan that started after the pair were seen dining together then leaving in the same car to return to her home earlier this week. Ryan told a reporter on friday that he was just trying to give her guidance, and he took to his twitter to […]

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Spencer Gets a Facial

This photo is not brand new, but some how this Spencer Pratt gem slipped through my cracks and I stumbled across it the first time this morning! Too good to not be posted! I wonder if that face cream is the cause of that nasty clear beard! Nice, Spence! Image via: Spencer Pratt

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Lindsay’s Twit Tease

Lindsay Lohan gave her twitter followers what we like to call a little “twit tease” recently when she posed nude for a self photo in the dressing room at a photo shoot. Lohan coverd her girly bits with her long blonde hair, and tweeted it for the world to see. Not shocking or scandalous, but […]

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Lindsay Responds to Dr. Drew

Lindsay Lohan took to her twitter to respond to the quote that celebs rehab doc, Dr. Drew said about her battle with sobriety earlier this week. Writes Lindsay; “I thought REAL doctors talk to patients in offices behind closed doors. Am I wrong? Hmmmmm. I think NOT! Yay!about 19 hours ago from TwitterBerry” Well yes, […]

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Pete Wentz: Same Shirt Different Day

Pete Wentz an outfit repeater?? Well yes, but on purpose. Pete was spotted out earlier this week wearing this hideous red shirt with skinny jeans and purple tennies, and again the next day wearing the same thing while out and about with son Bronx. Pete updated to his twitter in between; “I’m gonna wear the […]

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Asher Roth Loves College, Not Lohan.

Lindsay Lohan is taking it pretty personal that Asher Roth snubbed her at one of his recent LA concerts, and she took to her Twitter to address the sitch. After a recent show at the University of California Santa Barbara campus, Linds tweeted; “Wow. Asher was cocky to all my friends and not that nice.” […]

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