Lions, and tigers, and paps, oh my!

Destined to be dangerous a star….Britney Spears loves little kids. Yes, y’all, she’s been somewhat toned down, but scary still. This glamor girl seems to be getting back on track, or at least her twisted instincts are.  Yay! It seems that those famously weird-ass maternal instincts are starting to resurface for our favorite rainbow child!! is reporting that Miss Britney Jean Spears spent yesterday afternoon at Millenium Dance Complex, teaching all her signature dance moves to a bunch of rambunctious five year olds who insisted on calling her “teacher!”  Hmm. . .  I wonder if they made the parents sign a release.  In any case, due to Britney’s newest LA gang stalkers, I think it’s safe to say these kids not only learned to crawl around the floor, use a strip pole, shake their tushies, and dry hump in groups, they also unknowingly survived the adventure of a lifetime!!  Let’s just hope they didn’t pick up any tips on how to dress!

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