Christian Audigier Launches His Newest Line, “Paco Chicano,” at Project in Las Vegas!!

Paco Chicano, baby!!!021408_sl_audigier_show35.JPGYes, my darlings, Christian Audigier is, Simply The Best!! At this very moment, a handful of the luckiest VIP from Hollywood and the fashion industry are at Project in Las Vegas, getting the first sneak peak at Paco Chicano, Christian Audigier’s newest funky, fun, and super sexy clothing line!! And, as you all know, is very, very, VIP; so we’ve got more than a few previews for you!021408_sl_audigier_show17.JPGWith undertones of Latin spice and colorful folklore, Paco Chicano has a wonderful edge that will satisfy the Carrie Bradshaws in all of us!! Christian Audigier is the CEO behind brands such as Ed Hardy (TM), Christian Audigier (TM), Smet (TM), Chrystal Rock (TM), and now, Paco Chicano (TM), in which he is co-designing with the original creatives of the brand, brothers Frank and Gilbert Ros. Here’s a taste of what we’ll be showing you during the next few days.Envy us!! Enjoy!!021408_sl_audigier_show22.JPG021408_sl_audigier_show12.JPG021408_sl_audigier_show53.JPG021408_sl_audigier_show24.JPG021408_sl_audigier_show27.JPG021408_sl_audigier_show38.JPG021408_sl_audigier_show36.JPG021408_sl_audigier_show32.JPG1960’s cool, 1980’s colorful, and 2008 edgy, Christian Audigier’s Paco Chicano will definitely make your head spin!

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