Daddy’s little angel.

The beautiful Crystal Rock!c3.JPGCan you believe she’s only 15?  Christian Audigier’s teenage daughter, and direct muse for the clothing line that bears her name, Crystal Rock (TM), was all smiles this week, as she rubbed shoulders with the finest of the fashion world and Hollywood.  And she even got a little stage time of her own!

Daddy Audigier wasted no time upon arrival for his Paco Chicano fashion show at Project in Las Vegas, proudly introducing his beloved spawn to anyone and everyone within earshot.  He even posed for numerous pictures with Crystal!  Its no wonder little Miss Crystal Rock Audigier serves as an inspiration to her daddy.  Not only is she stunning, she’s also smart, fun, and very spunky!dada.JPGmoto.JPGc1.JPGc2.JPGAnd, or those of you who were wondering, baby Audigier’s outfits are, of course, all from the Crystal Rock (TM), limited edition clothing line!

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