Lohan naked, and Mama approves!!

Lindsay Lohan to recreate Marylin Monroe’s “The Last Sitting.”  Lindsay will be appearing nude in the upcoming spring issue of New York magazine!!011308_sl_lohan10.JPG35789025.jpgWorld renowned photographer Bert Stern recently approached Lindsay Lohan with an offer the girl could never refuse!  Lindsay was asked to recreate a pictorial Stern himself had shot of a drunken (or was it GHB’d?) Marylin Monroe, in a Bel Air Hotel room, over 40 years before…  Booze and attention?  Well, it sure seems like the gates of heaven on earth have just been bust open for little Miss Lindsay Lohan, don’tcha think?!  Lindsay says she was “comfortable” being nude in front of the camera.  And, as for her mother’s opinion, Dina Lohan seems to be using the age old “artistically done” excuse to support her daughter’s decision. People.com is reporting:

It was very tastefully done,” Dina tells PEOPLE of the photos, a recreation of Marilyn Monroe’s legendary 1962 photo shoot shot by Bert Stern.  “I respect the photographer as an artist, so I look at them artistically.  For him to call Lindsay 46 years later and to say can you recreate these photos is an honor. I looked at it as art, and as Lindsay doing a character.  So I don’t look at them like it’s Playboy; she was being a character.  So if you look at it that way, you can look at it as a mother.”

Mama Lohan respects and trusts the very scumbag who wasted no time after Marylin’s death, jumping at the chance to publish every picture he ever took of her (Stern even published all the contact sheets that Marylin herself had crossed out over the years with a red marker).  Go figure.  But then again, what am I saying?  This is Dina Lohan we’re talking about!!  She loves exploitation!! lindsay_lohan320.jpgTo see the complete pictorial, click on the link below.  WARNING!  These pictures are NSFW!!  There is some nudity.  And, not to mention that some of the pictures are just plain nasty!   Freckles-galore, saggy-boobs kinda nasty!!  Lindsay Lohan Marylin Monroe Pictorial

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2 Responses to Lohan naked, and Mama approves!!

  1. February 20, 2008 at 11:06 am #

    Leave my daughter’s saggy boobs alone! Those beauties are gonna have my granbabbies latching on soon and those kids better bring grannie some $$$$$

  2. February 20, 2008 at 11:26 am #

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I think I can write that a million times more before I can control myself!!

    Good one!

    Did you SEE the pictures?

    Pretty soon she’ll be able to practice her soccer kicks with those tits!

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