Snoop Dogg’s fashionhood?

Snoop Dogg: lovin’ life fashion & still rockin’ the stage!!021808_sl_snoopdogg41.JPGOur cameras also caught up with this fashion icon at Project in Las Vegas, for the launching of Christian Audigier’s Paco Chicano (TM) line.  Snoop nailed an onstage performance, and later seemed to be enthralled by all the gorgeous chicas designs!021808_sl_snoopdogg25.JPG021808_sl_snoopdogg02.JPGYou know, I can’t really figure out what’s funnier to me right now, Snoop pushing 40 and still having the fun of an 18 year old; or Christian Audigier bustin’ some awkward gangsta finger-moves for our cameras!!  Hmm… I guess I’d probably have to go with the former (although, Christian Audigier’s being such a good sport is probably one of the many reasons why I secretly meet up with him in my dreams…)Snoop Dogg took a little break from fatherhood duties last week, in order to attend the launching of designer friend, Christian Audigier’s newest clothing line, Paco Chicano, at Project, Las Vegas.  Snoop even performed a few songs on the runway, in support of Audigier!!  And, we must say, Snoop Dogg totally rocked the house!!  The performance energy was such, that the always fun-yet classy Christian Audigier felt inspired to spontaneously join Snoop on stage, for what turned out to be an unforgettable moment of friendly dance and laughter between the two friends!!021808_sl_snoopdogg84.JPG021808_sl_snoopdogg80.JPGClick on more to see more pictures of this fashion event!!021408_sl_audigier_show11.JPG021408_sl_audigier_show16.JPG021408_sl_audigier_show33.JPG021408_sl_audigier_show15.JPG

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  1. February 20, 2008 at 11:03 am #

    I love these designs and the review is AWESOME!!! I love it, love it, LOVE IT!

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