College Road Trip Red Carpet!


I have to hurry up to write this because I do not want to be late for school.  I wanted to tell you about how much fun the red carpet for College Road Trip was last night!  Even though our space was the size of my DS, the mic was plugged into the wrong hole, and Raven was whisked by all of the “internet media,” it was really fun!  I think I got some good interviews. . .hopefully!  


I  interviewed Kyle Massey who used to play Raven’s brother on That’s So Raven, and his brother Christopher Massey  from Zoey 101!  They both had colds but were making everyone laugh!  I had a blast!  I also talked to Rondell Sheridan, Will Sasso, Margo Karshman, Miss California Teen Taylor Akins, Anna Maria Perez De Tagle,  and Phoebe Price!  I had to jump over people to grab Raven-Symone, but I did get to meet her and she was so beautiful!  The Event was to benefit Habitat for Humanity which is an incredible charity that builds affordable houses so people who need a house can have one!  

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  1. March 4, 2008 at 6:09 pm #

    yeah, you may remember me but I was there as well. I was the one who talked to you about your interview with Gary Busey.

    Great job!

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