“Idol” hopeful used to sell his body!!

Well, visually (at least).

20080304070009990001.jpgBecause I’ve just got a “thing” for “nudies” and immorals…

Well, American Idol finalist David Hernandez just had his private business exposed to the world; something he’s apparently somewhat accustomed to, according to recent media reports.  Gordy Brian, manager of Phoenix based male strip club, Dick’s Cabaret, has recently revealed to the Associated Press that 24 year old Hernandez used to perform at his club, exposing his, um, well, other talents.

What an a**hole!  This Brian guy isn’t only a jerk, he’s a terrible business person.  I mean, he didn’t even wait to see if Hernandez made it big in Hollywood!  Instead of ruining David’s career by trying to get free publicity immedately, Gordy the pig here could have waited a while, and after David became a big star, he could have “sold” him his silence (a/k/a blackmail)!  I’m sure that by then, David Hernandez would’ve been willing to pay much more than the entire 5 dollar sales boost recently enjoyed by sleazy Dick’s Cabaret!  *JERK*  But then again, I’m guessing that’s probably reason why Gordy Brian still works at that dump and not at any of the Bunny Clubs.  Let’s face it people, with a crappy personality, and no skills whatsoever, there’s only so much progress you can achieve _ none!

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