OMG, ASHTON!! Are you all right, you adorable little maniac, you?!

Ashton Kutcher gets a little taste of his own medicine!! (use your imagination if you will and picture Ashton Kutcher diving over the front passenger corner of a Mercedes G Wagon. . .Kinda like those old folks looked when they almost got run down by the prankster last Saturday before the Kid’s choice awards. . .there are a slew of pictures out there. . .but we don’t wanna step on anyone’s toes by using their highly non-exclusive material. . .)  Kutcher was filming a new project (most recent attempt at staying sane, maybe?) on LA’s Robertson Blvd.  I can’t believe Ashton Kutcher is still so agile, after constantly having to look after the wild girls of his family, AND their outings with crazy-ass momma!CLICK here to watch the trailer for Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz’s new film together, What Happens in Vegas, a generic (I’m actually a sucker for girlie flicks and generic comedies, really) “morning after” flick about two drunk strangers who get married in Las Vegas, after a night of casino fun!  I wonder if he felt like somewhat of a sick pedophile, having to kiss such a lovely young girl woman…

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