Oh, Ashton, you bring shame upon my soul!

OMG! I just can’t believe they actually used it on Pop Fiction!!0.JPGI can’t believe they actually used it on the show!! Talk about LOW BUDGET! I especially loved it when Audrina Patridge laughed at how paparazzi would “think” they would make money from her fake tattoo!Um, Audrina, I hate to break it to you, but by the time Pop Fiction actually airs, all the pics have already been sold. How do you think they make it to the “tabloids” (a/k/a “Ashton’s amateur Photoshopping”), silly girl!God, these girls are stupid. Gorgeous, though. Oh, well. As I’ve said before, Pop Fiction sucks my fuc*ing fat ass!! Oh, and BTW, we did translate that stupid “tattoo,” you damn morons! Next time, why don’t YOU do some research?! 032708_sl_partridge23.JPG

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