Phoebe Price loves to see herself in the tabloids

Actress Phoebe Price flipped through some magazines wile dining with her mother at the house of Lohan (Joans on Third) this week.  More pictures after the cut.

Price was frequently finding herself pasted on the pages titled WORST DRESSED however she was loving every minute of it. For some people, fame is fame. absolutely loves Ms. Price though, shes always so sweet and pleasant to us.

For those of you asking yourself “who is Phoebe Price?” Let me tell you a little story about the first time I saw her. It was at some store on Robertson, Zac Efron was having his picture taken to promote the release of Hairspray. Phoebe walks in and poses for a picture with Zac, while being snapped she asks “and who are you?” Zac politely smiles and says “I’m Zac what was your name?” (although he should have said “I’m Zac F’n Efron b!tch! King of the multi million dollar High School Musical empire and star of Hairspray which was number 1 at the box office this weekend.”) Phoebe responded to him by simply saying, “I’m a famous Hollywood actress.” True story!

Love ya Phoebs!

To view Phoebe’s IMDB page… click here

“look mom i’m famous!”

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One Response to Phoebe Price loves to see herself in the tabloids

  1. April 23, 2008 at 10:19 am #

    Ariel’s definitely the coolest, but me thinks she should give that hat a rest, before it starts walking on its own!
    Loved the anecdote!! I’m probably so cold cuz I live so far away and have to hunt for my food. Yeah, that’s probably it.
    Awesome stuff, Z-man.

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