Lindsay does lunch …again


Lindsay Lohan might as well be paying the rent at Joans on Third in West Hollywood. The troubled actress showed up again for lunch on Thursday with you guessed it… SaMANtha Ronson.

Also out for this lunch date were a few of LA’s finest. Officers were trying to play good cop and urging photograhers to leave Lindsay a-lohan, but since that never actually works out for them, they decided to pose for their own personal Myspace pictures instead.

There isn’t very much to say about old Lohan considering she’s doing the same thing shes been doing for the past week every single day. See here, and here. In fact, Joan’s is now going to now be refered to as “The House of Lohan” and get it’s own tag on this site!

So how about a pictorial?

sending a text “dear papz, @ joanz tke pix plz ;)”

nice face



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