Paris inks TV deal across the pond

030308_sl_hilton07.JPGNot only will Saint Paris Hilton be galavanting around Hollywood clubs with a bunch of potential new BFF’s for her new MTV reality show, she will be partying in the UK for another reality venture.

Paris has just landed a show for UK satellite TV’s Living Channel where they intend for her to hit the club scene just as she does here in LA!  Heres the thing though, the show is supposed to be about her running a pet grooming business!

Everyone knows Hilton is an animal lover, (also a fame lover)  as she once claimed to have over 600 pets between the many homes she lives in, and UK TV thinks she would be perfect to run a dog grooming facility in Bond Street, London. 

A spokesperson for the channel said; 

“Watching Paris act out her Los Angeles lifestyle, in which tiaras for Chihuahuas are of real importance, should be very entertaining. And she will no doubt be hitting the clubs and parties over here in the same way she does back home.” 

So basically what you can expect is a show titled “Paris’ Pooches” where 10 minutes of air time is spent watching Paris pretend to comb and dress puppies as a living before throwing on one of her shortest dresses and hitting up some of London’s finest pubs and flashing her own “pooch” for the cameras.

 Lucky, Lucky London. 

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